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Smiley PPV's

These are just random thoughts where I bitch about the state of pro wrestling. This is also where you can find my and my readers predictions for upcoming matchs. If you would like to contribute to the Smileyisms, please write to

My Smileyisms

      To all my dedicated readers, I am going to take my time on this page where I can whine and joke about what I think, rather than my last attempt of nothing more than shit. So here we go. First off, why is Scott Hall's tazer so much stronger than that of the Mounties. The mounties would shock people after every match, but you never heard Vince McMahon whine that it should be stopped, and why doesn't somebody come out from the back.
     Now, if you have read my past 2 Smileycade PPVs you will see that I kill off Tony Schiavone in both. Why, because he deserves it. He is a big pile of shit who isn't worth putting on the announcers stand. Fire Schiavone, and put Bischoff back, at least when he announced, I didn't wanna kill him. Also why is WCW announcers stand so far from the ring, they can't see shit from there. They should be right up at ringside like a real man Jim Ross, king of the announcers, and Jerry Lawler, king of the one-liner.(Bobby Hennan is catching up in this category)

      OK, know that I have bitched and moaned, here are my predictions for tonights January tradition Souled Out. 3 Years and it's already a tradition, how long has Royal Rumble been on????? hmmm... Back to the card.
Kidman vs. Mysterio vs. Psychosis vs. Juvi Juice
3 Mexicans vs. 1 American. Kidman wins by default. Belt stays in the USA
Konnan vs. Luger
Oh La Le. Luger is gonna kick Konnana ass! Lemme Speak on this Konnan
Saturn vs. Jericho
Saturn will win, to set up Jericho's leaving the WCW. Remember, Jericho loses he doesn't fight for a certain amount of time (3 months???).
Wrath vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
This is gonna be the only real "wrestling" match. I give it to Bam Bam in 12 rounds.
Rick and David Flair vs. Windham and Henning
How this match could be up in main event I don't know. The Flairs will win only because Ric is WCW's new da man. If they do lose be ready to see Bischoff's Splinter Horsemen.
Goldberg vs. Scott Hall
JEM's hubby vs. still my second favorite behind Norm of course(he is tied with Mick now). Scott is the king of the ladder matches, but I don't see WCW giving up on Goldberg just yet, Give Goldberg the win. I do like the fact that Goldberg is getting into some pretty cool battles now.

My Readers Smileyisms:
A little info about Muzz, he is often found roaming the likes of Yahoo and chants as one of his alter egos.

Cactus Jack:
Now fans, I promised you no more bang bangs, but Vinnie Mac, your worst nightmare is back. Because I see the fans were chanting Austin, Austin, U MADE THEM!!! And for that you and your coporate stable will crumble, because you have the J.O.B. Squad coming for you. And we will crush you and I will get my Hardcore Title back. BANG BANG!!!