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Everyone has to download the Buff Song from the Themes Section It's hilarious!
Huge news for the coming week!!!!!
Don't Miss WCW's best of 1998 show tonight (12/29) at 8:00 pm.
WCW goes Network
It has been announced, WCW will be hosting at least 2 prime time shows on NBC at the begining of the new year. The shows are schedled for the same nights as WWF's Valentine's Massacre (2/14) and Wrestlemania XV (2/28). Many predicitions have been made for these shows, and here is what I have sorted out. These are my predictions as to the information I have recieved, so don't hold me to any of it. OK, for next Monday's "HUGE" Nitro" at the Georgia Dome. Expect Hogan to make a return appearence for a farewell speech. Now, this will either go off without a hitch, or the Macho Man will interupt (shaven head and all), and challenge Hogan to a match. If this does happen, that match will be held as the main event for the NBC show (They already stated they want Hogan in the Main Event.) Also, expect Goldberg to win back the title from Nash(Remember, Goldberg won the title at the last Nitro in Atlanta). This will give Nash his much needed chance to go heel as he snaps on WCW posterboy, and who comes to calm him down, not the Wolfpac, good ole Scottt Hal (We got Outsiders). If Savage isn't ready for wrestling by February, then WCW can always put up a Hogan/Goldberg main event. Hogan will then win the title (probably as the Hulkster) and denounce his runnign for president. Later on in the year, he, Nash, Hall, and Bischoff will reform the NwO.

WCW Resigns stars
Gotta get to Starcade, so I will just list the names, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko. WOW!

I have finally made it to the bignews in this large updatefor today. Starcade results. I am pissed over the Goldberg loss, so, no my opinion section.

Kidman defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Juventud Guerrera via Pinfall
	There were many nearfalls in the match. Eddie Guerrero made his way down 
	and distracted the referee. He clocked Kidman, but Kidman kicked out of the
	pin once Juventud Guerrera attempted to pin him. Kidman then rolled up
	Guerrera to take the win. After the match, Guerrero yelled at both Juvi and 
	Rey Mysterio, Jr., totally putting them down. Guerrero challenged Kidman 
	to a Cruiserweight Title match, and Kidman accepted. The match got
	underway right then and there.
Kidman defeated Eddie Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press,
	Rey Mysterio, Jr., Kidman, and Eddie Guerrero's Bodyguard all remained at 
	ringside, and each one had some sort of involvement (interference) in the match. 
	With help from Mysterio, Kidman successfully executed the Shooting Star Press
	 to take the win.
Norman Smiley defeated Prince Iaukea by making him submit to the Norman Conquest (Chicken Wing).
Saturn (Beetlejuice) defeated Ernest Miller (w/Sonny Onoo) 
	Before the match, Ernest Miller insulted the crowd (Sit down Fat Boy) and
	Saturn. Ernest Miller gave Saturn five seconds to leave the ring, but Saturn 
	did not leave. Sonny Onoo interfered, and tried to go for Saturn, but accidently 
	hit Miller instead. Saturn then took the advantage, and finished off the match
	with the Death Valley Driver.
Backstage, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell argued with Konnan. 
	Konnan was very skeptical of a possible relationship between NWO-Hollywood
	and Lex Luger. Get your white face paint Sting!
Scott Norton and Brian Adams (w/Vincent) defeated Fit Finlay and Jerry Flynn 
	Hello WCW Saturday Night Midcard match!!!! You all paid $30 to see this!!!
        Scott Norton and Brian Adams had a lot of power to dominate Fit Finlay 
	and Jerry Flynn. Scott Norton finished off Flynn with the Jack-Knife 
	Powerbomb for an NWO-Hollywood victory.
Konnan defeated Chris Jericho (w/Ralphus) 
	Before the match, Chris Jericho bragged about himself and taunted Konnan.
	 At one point during the match, Jericho had Konnan in the Lion Tamer, but 
	Konnan got out. Konnan later strapped Jericho in the Tequilla Sunrise,
	to take the win.
Eric Bischoff defeated Ric Flair 
	Each time Ric Flair got his hands on Eric Bischoff, Flair was all over him. 
	Bischoff, however, used his karate tactics at some points to gain the 
	advantages. The referee was accidently knocked out. As Flair had 
	Bischoff in the Figure-Four Leglock, a returning Curt Hennig ran down
	and handed Bischoff a foreign object. Bischoff clocked Flair with the 
	object and then made an easy pin.
Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Giant.
	The Giant slowly wore down Diamond Dallas Page. As the match went 
	on, Bret Hart entered the ring and accidently hit The Giant with a chair. 
	DDP attempted to make a pin, but The Giant surprisingly kicked out. The Giant 
	went for the second attempt of the Chokeslam (second one being from the top 
	rope). DDP converted the maneuver into the Diamond Cutter, to take the win.
	 DDP and Hart exchanged a few words after the match.
No Disqualification Match: Kevin Nash defeated Goldberg
	Goldberg hit the spear early in the match, but failed to execute the Jackhammer, 
	after Kevin Nash responded with a low blow. During the match, both Disco Inferno 
	and Bam Bam Bigelow interfered. Bigelow was escorted out by security. Scott Hall 
	also interfered and used some kind of stungun on Goldberg, and Nash never saw it.
	Nash then executed the Jack-Knife Powerbomb, to become the new WCW 
	Heavyweight Champion. Goldberg became 173 and 1. I am pissed about this match
	so leave me alone.  It ruined all my predictions!
. A Whole Bunch of WCW News
Lately, I haven't had many big story's break, but, I do have a bunch of these little tidbits that I think you should know. So here we go.
Goldberg shows signs of weakness
In a match in Tulsa, Goldberg, the undeafeated champion of WCW, sufferered a deep cut, and a major loss of blood. He reportedly couldn't walk staright after the match, but is supposed to be fine for Starcade. What happened to that no fights clause??? In other Goldberg news, WCW will not show Saturday Night on January 2. Instead it will be a Goldberg Tribute show.
Injury Returnees
Sting is reported to be back in late January or Early February, no official word on what position he will be holding, but expect a crow soon. Also, Curt Henning should return from his knee problems around March. Hollywood may be back sooner than expected, some reports have him retrning before February. Also, Macho is out till March.
The Cat will be so sad
Ernest Miller is gonna be crying soon, as his favorite ring announcer Lee Marshal has left WCW. He has left on Good terms in order to go off and start his own production company. His last show will be on January 4.

The Return of the Flock
OK, here is the lowdown on this Raven angle that WCW is trying to push. As long reported, Sandman (Jim Fullington) will enter WCW with the help of Raven's mother. He will then try to take Raven out of his little tantrum. Now reports state that Chastity has also joined WCW, and will join Sandman, claiming to be Raven's Sister. Both will end up turning into Ravenesque characters, and reform the flock. In a little more ECW to WCW defections, when Mikey Whipwreck enters, he will immediately start to fued with Kidman.
One WO
Apparently new found booker Kevin Nash is looking to scrap the LWO. He only wants one World Order, and that being the New World Order. Nothing has been said about if the Wolfpac is completely dead, or will be revived by Luger and Konnan. Right now, After the Outsiders rejoin, they will reform the nWo, which will get a major decline because of Scott Steiner's leadership. The new nWo group will be made up of the original 4 Hollywood, Bischoff, Nash, and Hall. I would love it if they decided to make this nWo a face group, and make Scott Stiener's nWo the heels, then force a loser leaves match.

Thunder is Taped:
Smiley Wins
Just what you wanted, this Thursday's results of Thursday's taped Thunder.

Norman Smiley d. Kaz Hayashi....
Bobby Duncam Jr. beats Chris Jericho (the conspiracy thickens!)....
Lodi gets a DQ win over Booker T due to Stevie Ray interference....
a potentially great Rey/Juvi match turned into a no-decision clusterfuck when the LWO got involved....
Chris Benoit vs. Kanyon will be the best of the night;
     Benoit wins by DQ when Raven intentionally gets Kanyon DQ'ed....
Saturn gets a win over Glacier...
top match is supposed to be a six-man, but the Wolfpac can only field a team of 2:
     Konnan and Lex fight Scott Steiner, Horace, and Vincent until Scott Hall appears on the
     scene and assists the short team. After the red and black victory, Hall leaves the ring.....
DDP over the Giant with a Diamond Cutter was the dark match main event.

Hollywood Returns as the Hulkster
You heard it right, my prediction has been confirmed. Hollywood Hogan will officially denounce his running for president, and attack Scotty Steiner's leadership of the nWo, at a huge Nitro at the Georgia Dome in June of 1999(don't hold me to the date). Stiener will then attack Hogan, and guess who will come out and save him, Goldberg. Hogan will officially bring back Hulkamania, and turn heel. I have heard something about Kevin Nash turning over the belt to Hogan at this time, but considerering the fact that Nash will not be holding the belt, I don't think this will be happening. Also, Nash and Hogan aren't seeing eye to eye after Bischoff gave Nash and Page his booking power.

Congrats to Buff
Buff Bagwell got married to Erika Walker in Hawaii earlier in the week, and was missin from the recent Nitro. Expect him to spend a little time with her then retun to the ring.

Eric Bischoff Gets Dirty
Eric Bischoff is starting to ruin the pushes of the wrestlers that will not sign extensions with WCW. The first victim, Chris Jericho. Jericho, reportedly was offered big money to stay in WCW, but still has not signed. Other wrestlers who haven't signed (Giant, Chris Benoit) haven't been seen in a very long time. Bischoff won't let them wrestle, unless jobbing, until they sign. Bischoff has been nice though, the Steiners just recently resigned with WCW, and last week, Scotty Stiener was named the head of the NwO Black and White. Rick will remain on his current push as champion, and may get an offer to go to some better group, such as the Wolfpac(if WCW decides to try to keep it together, which I doubt), or the horsemen (who will be fueding with NwO right after Starcade).

Wolfpac Breakup:
I know that I have been saying that I have the low down on the Wolfpac in the chat rooms, so here is what is going to happen. Immediately after Starcade, the Outsiders will reform. The will be a threesome, like the original Wolfpac, consisting of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Lex Luger. Luger joining the Outsiders, which will positively turn heel, will cause Sting to become sad, and return to the rafters. It has already been confirmed that the Macho Man will be returning in Januray with a new gimmick, and a new girl. Konnan is gonna be the odd man out, he'll just go out and kick ass, defending his title, and fueding with the LwO.

Nitro Results
I am not going to go through all of the matches, basically cause I didn't care to watch them, and neither did anyone else. I am going to love this whole Goldberg vs. Kevin Nash thing. The mudslinging has already began. It all started when K-Dogg and Nash were joking about being "next," and then Goldberg went on to get a quick rip on Nash before the cameras change. If you didn't catch it he said, "Funny thing is, next isn't the place to be... ask you girlfriend!" Man Hogan hasn't even retired yet, and WCW is already getting better, so please lets start getting some naked women and stuff, and maybe I'll finally watch Nitro only because Raw is at commercial. WCW has to get rid of this Flair and Windham thing, Eric, maybe you should get Hillbilly Jim now, older is not better. Start using some of your younger wrestlers. Give Kenny Chaos a chance! I am pissed that Norman Smiley didn't give it his all against Chris Benoit, c'mon Normy give your fans what they want. Couple of little ramblin's before I go, thank god that Wrath lost, don't have to hear Sciavonie say he is undefeated. The Giant v. Goldberg match was worthless, and if I see on more guy over 50 enter WCW, who's name isn't Terry Funk, I am going to throw my TV out the window.

I'll Miss Ya Terry:
I am sad to announce, the man who made professional wrestling suitable for jobbers is finally going to hang up his tights. Everyone has been telling me, so I am going to take it as fact. Hollywood Hogan will officially call it quits Thursday on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. I really don't know what to expect. I can't see the NWO as anything more than a modern day Dungeon of Doom. Without Hogan, Nash, and Hall, there is no NWO. We already know that the wolfpack are gone after Starcade, the question is, will the black and white follow? I see a few failed attempts to create NWO leadership through Eric Bischoff and Bret Hart, but it won't work. Vincent better hurry up and find another job. Apparently, the reason Hogan has decided to retire is because Kevin Nash is going to recieve more booking power from Bischoff. Hogan doesn't like it, and wants out. Some reports put him and some of his friends (Leslie, Jimmy Hart, and some others) in the new FOX wrestling federation.

WCW Reveals Some Secrets Early:
WCW confirms the break away of Barry Windham from the 4 Horsemen, as they have scheduled match for the day after Starcade. One match pits Windham and Flair in a revenge match. The card also indicates a reforming of the Outsiders (they are supposed to be heels, we'll see how that works), and a 6 man tag pitting with the horsemen facing the NWO.

Buff's Brother:
This one was supplied by my boy WIKDJUGGALO
Watch Scott Steiner's ref, does he look like somebody? You guessed he look's a lot like Buff. He just maybe Buff's brother. Expect him to make his appearence a Nitro soon. This may actually make the whole Judy Bagwell thing worthwhile. Apparently, Judy will turn on Rick, and become NWO. Wonder if they get a cool buff hat?

Splinter Horsemen
Apparently, Eric Bischoff is going to create another group to combat the 4 horsemen. Right now reports are very vague, but look for this group to be headed by Bam Bam Bigelow or Steve "Mongo" McMicheal. According to jWo_CoLeader_AlSnow, the other two members of the Splinter Horsemen will be Barry Windham and Tully Blanchard. What about Kendall Windham?

World War 3 Results:
Just as I predicted, a pretty good PPV, but nothing special. All of the debate is over, the winner of WW3.... Kevin Nash. Another person for Goldberg to spear and beat. I personally got a little kick out of the face that Scott Hall wanted to be friends with Nash. I see a little interference at Starcade! Well, without further delay, here are the results:

	Match 1: Wrath vs. Glacier
		Wrath remains undeafeated.  Since he returned that is.  He is no Goldberg
		WCW, quit the charade.
	Match 2: Stevie Ray vs. Konnan
		Hey didn't I see this one on Thunder last night.  Boy what a match, so good
		I went to take a dump during it, oh yeah Konnan wins.
	Match 3: Sonny Onoo and Ernest Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi and Saturn
		Another match I wouldn't even watch on Thunder. Please Eric, you can do
		better.  Onoo and Miller ended up winning, but nobody cares.
	Match 4: Juventud Guerra vs. Billy Kidman
		Finally, Thunder is over.  Now to Nitro! 
		Actually, this was a pretty good match.  Juvi Juice  ended up joining the LwO. 
		And Kidman won after help from Rey Mysterio.
		Expect to see a Mysterio Kidman respect fight tommorow.  
	Match 5: Scott Steiner and Buff vs. Rick Stiener
		No match happened.  Buff, Scotty and the Ref (Buff's Bro) beat on 
		Rick.  Goldberg helps out Ricky.  Then Chucky comes in and kills
		Goldberg.  Just Kidding.  Does any body else actually like Rick Stieners
		entrance theme?
	Match 6: Hall vs. Nash
		Didn't happen.  Hall was beaten down by the Black and White and then
		saved by Nash.  Guess he's not 4-Life.  Hall tried to make up, but was 
		shrugged off by Nash.  Don't worry they'll be back together before Starcade.
	Match 6: Bobby Duncam Jr. vs. Chris Jericho
		Jericho wins, any surprise.  Duncam prepare to tag with Hammer! 
	Finally a PPV: World War 3 Three Ring 60-men
		Norman Smiley comes in representing in the Yellow tights. Hell yeah!!!!!
		I cryed as my boy Norman Smiley was the first to get eliminated.  Ended up
		to being cool as it usually is.  The last three left were Nash, Hall, and Luger 
		(as I predicted, Hart wasn't in it).  They went after each other, Nash Wins.  
		Ready to job Goldberg?
Can't wait for Nitro to see how much more bull WCW can shove down our throats. Hall and Nash love each other, they'll be back to butt buddies soon. Personnally all I want to see is Judy Bagwell smack the shit out of Buff, and then watch Buff hti her back, in comes Ref, beats Buff. This could be a cool tag team gimmick sets of brothers split(more sarcasm). Tip: Don't watch WCW until they fire Hogan and Warrior.

World War 3:

I don't really know what to say. With great matches like Jericho vs. Bobby Duncam Jr.m Konnan vs. Stevie-Ray, and Sonny Ono and Ernest Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi and Saturn. This has too be a great PPV (sarcasm). WW3 seems to be a very uneventful show. Don't expect many title changes, just more of the same old bull that WCW likes to bring to its viewers. I am looking forward to a few matches however. I can't wait to see the Buff and Scotty vs. Rick and Judy Bagwell. Don't expect her to fight, I really have a feeling that one of Buffs brothers will make a debut in this match (Remember Scotty talking about bring any other Bagwell sons to face him?). Besides that, here are my predictions for the WCW PPV:

	Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall
		I expect another beating given by Kevin Nash.  Both will complete their
		finishing moves, but some sort of outside interference will prevent Hall
		from winning the match.  Kevin Nash will once again powerbomb Hall
		twice, and then leave him to suffer.
	Juventud Guerrera vs. Billy Kidman Cruiserweight Title Match
		Expect an excellent match here, much like the one on Nitro earlier in the 
		week.  Both will continue to make moves and attempt pinfalls, while the other
		bounces up at 2 1/2.  Expect Kidman to win this one with the Shooting Star 
		Press to regain his title.
	Bret Hart vs. DDP  US Heavyweight Title Match
		Another good match both will beat the other, eventually Hart will have
		the upperhand, and DDP will get him in the Diamond Cutter.  DDP retais the title.
	Konnan vs. Stevie Ray
		K-Dogg will win in this Thunderesque match. This match should just be a way to 
		pass the time.  Tequila Sunrise after a little fouled up outside interference from the 
		black & white.
	Scott Norton vs. Booker T.  IWGP Title Match
		Scott Norton will just overpower Booker T. in this match.  Booker T. will get the 
		upperhand after getting beaten for a long time, and then a black and white member
		will distract him.  Norton wins.
	Chris Jericho vs. Bobby Duncam Jr.  TV Title Match
		Expect Jericho to win in some cheap way.  WCW will make Duncam give
		a good show because they are pushing him so hard.  I don't think he'll make
		it.  Jericho wins, Duncam turns into another Van Hammer
	Sonny Onoo and Ernest Miller vs. Kaz Hayashi and Saturn
		This is a gay rights match as Saturn will return in his great new ring attire.
		This match will be a big joke.  Saturn with a DVD on Miller to win.
	Now Finally, the 60 man Battle Royal
		Everyone is predicting that Kevin Nash or Bret Hart will win.  I don't really know. 
		Expect Hogan and Warrior to get eliminated early.  Giant will be eliminated by a group 
		of luchadores (you just watch).  The final members will include Rey Mysterio, Lex Luger, 
		Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and someone else from the WCW.  The members of WCW will
		be eliminated quick.  Hall will eliminate Luger, and Hart, Nash and Hall will fight for the 
		win.  Hall will be eliminated by Nash, Then in a cheap fashion, Hart will eliminate Nash.  
		Another way, may leave Hogan in to fight Hart for the win, where Hart just beats Hogan.
		World War 3 Winner: Bret Hart
	I am not sure, but there has been talk of a Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldberg match now
		I really think that this may happen.  Bam Bam will make a great show, but will only serve
		as another jobber to Goldberg.  Goldberg wins after not even falling to the ground.
Don't expect a great PPV to counter the Deadly Games of WWF. WCW just doesn't have enough to do it. All in all, World War 3 looks like a descent show, leading up to what I predict will be a great Starcade.

Jericho Vs. Goldberg
This match will never happen. Goldberg feels that facing Jericho would be a downplay on his character, and would lower his appeal. Yeah like always facing Hugh Morrus, and Jerry Flynn helped you any.

Giant will stay in WCW
It is reported that WWF has not even made an offer to the Giant, who's contract will be up at the end of the year. If he resigns, expect him to get a bigger role, possibly leaving the nWo and becoming as dominant as he once was.

I hope that you have enjoyed my first try at writing a wrestling webpage. If you would like to add anything to this page, please Write to me. Thank you for viewing this page, and please come back.

Thank you...