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Smiley PPV's

 This is a place where you can meet the webmasters that painstakingly built this beautiful site.


Ok, I am the main webmaster of Smileydriver. I take care of all the page, while these other guys take all my credit(jk). My real name is Brian Wroblewski. I am a resident of Cleveland, Oh(The Best Location in The Nation). I am current;y attending college at Arkansas State University, and am always looking for stuff to do. I am active player of baseball softball, and football. And for any women looking, I am 6'3" and a cut 220 lbs(in my dreams). Right now I have 3 pages that I have built on the net. They are as follows:
Funny Mp3 Songs
Mayfield High School Athletiics

If you really do care to see what I look like, trust me I'm nothing special, You can see me in my baseball teams picture at:
The Mayfield Baseball Team Picture
I am the big goof on the top row in the middle, I look really serious, but I am usually not. I am the biggest loser on the face of the Earth, and most people hate my guts. I don't deserve to live. But I am here, so deal with it. So.... Well, when I think of something I'll tell ya.


I don't know, there isn't much to tell you about this guy. Ummm, he's got a couple kids, Niko and Matthew. His wife is Maria. Ummmm... He likes the Patriots. That's about it, Smackk ain't that interesting of a guy. Oh, yeah here is his webpage:
Smackk's Domain