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Smiley PPV's

Norman Smiley's Cool Links

Wrestler Tribute Pages

Ernest "The Cat" MillerDamn Funny Site Only Smileydriver is better
Lady Lil's Billy Kidman Page
HHH's Girls, HHH Tribute Page
The Outsider's Tribute Page

Official Wrestling Pages

The Official WCW Wrestling Page
The Official WWF Wrestling Page
The Official nWo Wrestling Page
The Official ECW Wrestling Page
The Official Chris Jericho Page


The XHWF pWo's E-Fed
Death Dealer's League Online (IWA)

Wrestling News Sites

Lords of Pain  One of the Best Sites
Wrestlemaniacs  Online Onslaught and MiCasa are the best
Scoop This
Scoops Central
1 Wrestling

Other Cool Pages
Mayfield High School Athletics  My Alma Mater
    I wrote the page, and damnit I think it look great.
Funny Mp3 Songs  Another one of my pages, great shit here.
Pages I am working on: Official pWo Homepage Tribute to Pepe Page