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Smiley PPV's

Survey Time!!!!
Now, who did you come here to see?

Dubba U See Dubba U
The Original nWo b&w
That Lame Wolfpac
Vinnie Mac's Boyz
The Jigglin' Smiley Express

Current Results
One more... for the good guys!
Welcome to the Unofficial Home of...
Norman Smiley (Smil-eah)
Fear the Norman Conquest

Click here to see Norm do the Smiley Bounce

Last Match's Result:
Norman Smiley Killed Pepe on Nitro

Top 10 Smiley Signs
These are all real signs at WCW shows
10 Norman Makes Me Smiley
9 Smiley 3:16, You just kicked my ass
8 Norman Smiley Bitch-Slapped Me
7 Norman Smiley is the Sexual Chocolate of WCW
6 Spank Me Norman
5 Norman Smiley is the People's Jobber
4 Norman Smiley Stole My Gimmick
3 Norman Smiley is our savior. He jobs for our sins.
2 Norman Smiley KICKS ASS
1 Norman Smiley=Ratings

Would You like to have your own Norman Smiley T-Shirt. We are currently in the process of designing it, and once we get enough SERIOUS orders, we will make them.
If you would like one, please e-mail me

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