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Smiley PPV's

Best Match
What was you favorite match?

Pepe vs. Mr. Socko
Schiavone vs. Ross
Norman Smiley vs. The Godfather
McMahon vs. Bischoff
Goldberg vs. Austin

Current Results
In Your House:

This is a purely fictional event. All the matches are made up, and are decided purely on what I think. I don't care what you think of this, so DON'T E-MAIL ME ABOUT THE RESULTS. I am however accepting future matches for smileycade. Send them to Once again, these matches never happened, this PPV never happened, but if you enjoyed it please waste another $30 on a bunch of bull, I will always accept your money!

The PPV Begins
	The Nitro Girls come out and dance, they have two extra members, Luna and Golddust.  
		Each is topless and has a Mankind Smiley face on their breasts.
		At the end, The Godfather comes out and Makes AC Jazz and Fyre his ho's
	Match 1: Taka Michunoku vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
		This ends up being a great match, Taka and Rey trade blows, 
		But in the end,  Rey takes some Stienerroids and grows to mammoth proportions 
		and kills all the members of Kientai and the lWo, most of the fans were in 
		the bathroom for this one.  Schaivone's voice made them sick.
	Match 2:  Scott Norton vs. Mizark Henry
		Another Snooze of a match.  Both take a half an hour just to walk across the ring
		and throw a punch.  Chyna comes out gives Norton a low blow, then pushes Henry
		over on to him.  HHH comes out, and pimpslaps Chyna then puts on a WCW shirt.
	Match 3:  Norman Smiley vs. Godfather
		This match was to determine the biggest pimp in pro wrestling.  Godfather was 
		outclassed, and mezmerized by the talent of Smiley.  Smiley stunned Godfather after 
		using the Jigglin Tit Dance, then put him in the Smiley Face Chicken Wing, once again
		proving that Smiley is Magic!  Smiley leaves with all Godfather's ho's.  Val Venis pulls 
		a Too Much, and carries the Godfather back to the Locker Room.
	Match 4:  Ken Shamrock vs. Randy Savage
		The winner will truly be the most dangerous man.  Savage quickly falls after Shamrock
		snaps, but then the Madness shows through.  Macho breaks his own leg to get out of 
		the Ankle Lock submission, and then yells "Oh Yeah" which knocks Shamrock off of his
		feet.  He climbs to the top rope and prepares for the elbow, when George "The Animal" 
		Steele comes out and eats the turnbuckle.  While eating, he takes a piece of Macho's good
		leg, and them sits on Shamrock for the win.
	Match 5:  Pepe vs. Mr. Socko
		Pepe comes to the ring being accompanied by Chave Guerrero, and Mr. Socko comes with 
		the J.O.B. squad.  Little happens after the bell, hey, they're inanimate objects.  The Job Squad 
		distract the ref while Al Snow comes in and gives Pepe a little Head.  Then rolls Mr. Socko 
		up on to Pepe.  Mr. Socko wins, but Pepe gets the last laugh as Chavo rides the Horsey 
		around the ring and recieves a huge pop.
	Match 6: HHH and Scott Hall vs. The New Age Outlaws
		Both teams give out a huge ass beating to each other.  This turns out to be the 
		best match of the night.  HHH and Scott Hall take the advantage and HHH get BA Billy Gunn 
		in the Pedigree and Scott Hall puts the Roaddog in the Outsiders Edge.  They do both moves, 
		the NAO get right up, and rip off HHH and Hall's shirt revealing DX Tatoos on their chests. 
		The new DX leave.  Ironically, it seems that HHH had his hand on Hall's ass all the 
		way back to the locker room.
	Match 7: Schiavone vs. Jim Ross
		Both men go to the ring, and the bell immediately rings.  In runs the Blue Meanie, and the
		mysterious Sting falls from the rafters.  The Meanie grabs Schiacone and throws him to the 
		ground then sits on him crushing his internal organs.  Sting goes yard on Jim Ross's head.
		Finally, the fans get what they want from wrestling promoters.
	Match 8: Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, in the first match of the double main event
		Turns out to be a damn good match.  After Stone Cold tries to runaway, the match is becomes
		lumberjack style.  40 midgets surround the ring to protect the contestants.  Stone Cold finally 
		confronts Goldberg, and both actually show they know some real wrestling moves.  Goldberg 
		gets stunned, and Stone Cold runs to the ropes to flick off the crowd.  Goldberg immediately 
		gets up and spears Austin.  Jackhammer, pin.  Goldberg wins.  For all you Austin fans I got 
		one thing to say to you, AUSTIN JOBBED TO GOLDBERG!
	Match 9:  Bischoff vs. McMahon
		Both men go to the ring and do their little schtick.  As soon as McMahon drops the mike 
		somebody starts laughing right above the ring.  A spotlight hits the person, it's Hulk Hogan!
		He yells, "I made wrestling, not you!' Then cuts down the lighting rig ala Marilyn Manson
		in Celebrity Death Match, killing McMahon and Bischoff.  The next day, ironically, Bill 
		Clinton steps down and names Hogan as his successor.  Hogans first target Sadaam 
		Hussein, that match will be at the next Smileycade!