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Hey Guys, You can buy a pair of Sunny's (Tammy Fytch) panties from
Sorry, they are sold now. Only $280! The winner: Stunner 12, only an Austin fan would shell out that much cash for the faint scent of Sunny's juices. Stunner 12, Smiley's loser of the week!
(Thank you Hyperpimp for that tidbit of info)

WWF Acquires anoter WCW Star
WWF once again proves that they are on top of the wrestling world. WWF, has signed WCW jobber Roadblock. Apparently, Roadblock will enter as Golga's brother, and will be placed in a midcard roll. I don't really know what Vince will do with this one, maybe a break up of the Oddities.

Rock Bottom Result
Here you go the complete breakdown of tonight Rock Bottom's card

Match 1: Val Venis and the Godfather vs. Nation off-casts D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry.  
	Venis and Godfather did the expected pre-match bit with a foursome of ho's; D-Lo
	surprised all by being joined at ringside by Terri Runnells and Jacqueline.  The 
	back-and-forth action finally ended in favor of Brown and Henry when Jacqueline 
	interfered and caused Venis to be pinned. 
Match 2:  the Headbangers vs. Oddities
	In the end, the Headbangers double-team tactics proved sufficient to bamboozle 
	Kurrgan and Golga, as the 'Bangers stole a pinfall win. 
Match 3: Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman.  In
	a very good match, Owen looked none the worse for wear after a few months off the road. 
	However, the great action was marred by a non-finish, as Owen simply walked out on the 
	match, getting intentionally counted out. Huh? 
Match 4: The Brood vs. the JOB Squad.  
	Some interesting spots here, all leading to Christian scoring the pin on Scorpio following a 
	"Tomikaze" (Tommy Rogers' back-slide DDT finisher). 
Match 5: Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett 
	got off to a slow start, but as soon as there were near-falls involved, the crowd lit
	up and began paying close attention.  If Goldust lost, he'd have to strip naked (boo!), 
	but if Goldust won the crowd was going to be treated to a striptease from Debra 
	McMichael.  After a red-hot closing sequence that saw a number of near falls and false
	finishes (including a guitar shot on Goldust by Debra), Jarrett finally scored the pinfall 
	with a forwards side Russian legsweep.  The ref's decision, however, was overturned by
	 WWF Commish Shawn Michaels, who declared that Debra's guitar shot constituted a 
	DISQUALIFICATION.  On Michaels' order, Goldust was named winner, and Debra had to
	strip.  She was down to her bra and panties when Jarrett and the Blue Blazer hit the ring; 
	the Blazer covered Debra up just as she had removed her top.  The crowd was not happy. 
Match 6: The New Age Outlawsvs. Ken Shamrock and the Big Bossman. 
	They were up to the challenge, however, as no amount of chicanery from Corporate 
	Commish Shawn Michaels could prevent Billy Gunn from reversing a suplex into a pinning 
	combination on Ken Shamrock.  The Outlaws retain the tag titles by the skin of their teeth. 
Match 7: The Rock vs. Mankind
	This match provided the night's hottest action, as well as the most compelling story. 
	Vince McMahon was once again at ringside directing traffic, and constantly altered the rules 
	of the match and harrassed the ref.  Lots of wicked bumps by Foley here.  When McMahon 
	ordered the ref to DQ Mankind on a bogus call, Mankind resorted to taking out the ref...  
	when McMahon himself tried to order the DQ, Mankind took out the timekeeper.  Eventually 
	a second ref appeared and the match continued with hot action and near falls.  Finally, 
	Mankind locked the Rock in the Mandible Claw; the ref was on top of the situation, and called
	for the bell as the Rock faded into unconsciousness.  The crowd erupted as they thought they'd 
	seen Mick win the belt... but Vince was quick to grab a mic and announce that even though 
	Mankind won the match, the Rock never tapped out or said he quit, so on a completely bogus 
	technicality, the Rock would retain the title.  As discussed above, Mankind snapped until a 
	"corporate save" left him hobbling.  Vinnie must have heard my snap idea!!!
Steve Austin vs.Undertaker battled to bury the other alive.  
	This was a big sloppy brawl, and appeared to be held back a bit as Steve Austin seemed
	to be suffering a legit back/kidney-area injury.  In the end, Kane made an appearance to 
	brawl with the Undertaker, opening the door for Austin to hit the Stunner and stuff Undertaker
	 in the grave.  With a back-hoe, Austin filled up the hole with dirt, and celebrated with a six 
	pack of ice cold beer.  Austin is now qualified for the Royal Rumble thanks to the win here. 
Rock Bottom Predictions
Holding up to my promise of being the biggest procrastinator in the world, I am finally sending you all my predictions for Rock Bottom. Yeah! Well, ladies and gentlemen, llllllleeeeetttttt's get ready to Suck It!!!!!

	The Oddities vs. The Headbangers and Tiger Ali Singh
		I don't even know what to expect out of this match, except maybe
		a good laugh.  This match isn't worth a damn, and shouldn't even
		be on this PPV.  It would be a whole lot better if they just brought 
		back the ho that swallow the whol kielbasa (DAMN I LOVED THAT)
	The Brood vs. The J.O.B.Squad
		The brood doesn't have a chance against a weel oiled machine like 
		the JOB Squad.  The brood is nothing except three goofs with some
		damn good entrance music.  Al gives Edge a little head, and the J.O.B. 
		squad get the win.
	"Sexual Chocolate" and D-Lo vs. Supply and Demand
		Give this win to D-LO and Mark Henry.  The have been on a big tear
		as of late, and are getting a push.  This match may change however.
		You can see why in the NAO vs. Team Corp. match.
	Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman
		It's GI Joe vs. the nugget here.  Hart will win only because Blackman 
		isn't worth giving a push.
	Golddust vs. J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E-Double T in a stripped naked match
		Quite possibly the only match on this card that is worth a damn.  The only match 
		they I am looking forward to.  I can see WWF making both men win, so no
		prediction here.  All I can say is go Golddust!!!!! I want a see little hoho tonight.
	New Age Outlaws vs. Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man
		This match may not happen.  Apparently Road Dog is having a little trouble 
		with his back, and the card may change to be Sexual Chocolate and D-LO vs
		Team Corp for a #1 contenders match.  If it does go on, expect the NAO to win.
		I don't care how, I just love their schtick.
	Stone Cold vs. Undertaker in a buried alive match
		I can only say one thing about this match.  Stone Cold enjoy the Royal Rumble!
		Vinnie, who do you got fooled Stone Cold is your boy.
	The Rock vs. Mankind
		Once again, this is a gee I wonder who will win match.  Ummm, this is a hard one
		The match will be great, only because Mankind makes it.  Maybe afterwards Vinnie
		should let Mankind snap, alot like Shamrock does, at least that would make this 
		match cool.

Too Much Marriage
This could be one of the funniest damn angles in a long time, if it is done right. The wedding is scheduled for February 14, 1999. At a Raw in Memphis, Brian Christoper's home town. Right now, Christopher isn't happy with the whole arrangement. I just need to know where to send the wedding gifts. And if Jerry Lawler will be the best man, or will he walk Scott Taylor to the ring.

J.O.B. Squad News
Once again, this one was supplied by WIKDJUGGALO.
Al Snow and the JOB Squad are getting stronger. The addition of Mankind and Duane Gill a couple of weeks ago made the squad very strong. Now, it seems that Super Nova and Stevie Richards may be coming. Richards did not recieve a very good recommendation from Heyman, so expect him to be the new voice of the JOB Squad. I see him doing much the same as he did when he and Raven joined WCW. Super Nova will be much more active, he will fight regularly.
Apparently, Al Snow thinks he has got a player on his hands with the Blue Meanie. Al trained him and he believes the Meanie has what it takes to become a star. Snow has reccomended that he lose some weight, and build up a moves list. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Buddy Rogers, Bruno Sammartino, and the Blue Meanie what do you think?
Still more JOB squad News. Duane Gill has signed his contract for $90,000. He is paid to wrastle in 12 dates. Man, Duane is making some good money for just "jobbing." I wanna be a jobber.

Marc Mero retires
Two words, Thank God. I only wish it was true, you know he'll be back even though he lost to Duane Gill. Congrats Blue Meanie for the save on this one.

The Blue Meanie Arrives
Oh man, what can I say about this one, it's the Blue Meanie! This guy gets the cake as the damn funniest looking wrestler in the game. When I saw him, I had no idea what to say, instead I just kept chanting, "holy shit it's the Blue Meanie! I still can't get over his appearence. Well expect him to join up with his former tag team partner Al Snow, in the JOB Squad. Whoever got this guy, and thought of his gimmick, give him another beer, the Blue Meanie is a winner!

Stripped Naked Match
According to the WWF hotline report, next PPV will highlight a stripped naked match. It will pit Jeff Jarrett(that's J-A-double R-E-double T) and Goldust. If Jeff Jarrett wins the match Goldust will have to strip butt naked. But here is the part that will get the men buying up all the seats for this one, if Goldust wins, Debra McMicheal shows a little snatch. One thought though, please bring Marlena back for one match, that would provide a little incentive if Jeff Jarrett wins. I know this is probably a bunch of bull, but damnit go Goldust.

Justin Credible to WWF
News from insiders report that ECW star Justin Creidble is ready to return to the WWF. Credible has had one stay there as Aldo Montoya, Portuguese Man'O War. Reports have him returning in January and contending for the Lightheavyweight title.

Jesse Ventura Video:

Be sure to check out the new video being released by the WWF. It is all about Jesse Ventura, and I have heard that it is supposed to be very good. Almost as good as the Bret Hart video. Be sure to check it out at

Best Wishes to Jeff Jarrett and his family.
Jeff's grandmother Christine Jarrett passed away on 11/19/98

WWF Commercial
Be sure to check out the WWF commercial during the Super Bowl. It is supposed to highlight Wresltmania XV. Check it out, WWF did pay $1.8 million fpr the 30 second spot.

Congrats go to Chyna and her new chin.
Maybe before the year, she will be ready take on the likes of Sable and Jackie in some of those bikini contests.

Dr. Death Steve Williams
It is reported that Dr. Death will return sometime early next year. No angles have been reported, but I will keep you informed.

I hope that you have enjoyed my first try at writing a wrestling webpage. If you would like to add anything to this page, please Write to me. Thank you for viewing this page, and please come back.

Thank you...