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Smiley PPV's

What was your favorite match?

Hogan vs. Hussein
WWF women vs. WCW women
Smiley vs. Holly
Jobber Rumble
Miller vs. Venis

Current Results

Due to the popular success of In Your House: Smileycade, I have decided to have a return WCW/nWo vs WWF PPV. Once again, I don't care what you think about my matches and how they are finished. If you have any suggestions about the next Smileycade PPV, please e-mail me. Also, I will still accept the $30 that you waste on a normal PPV, so please send me all your money. Buy a Smiley T-Shirt

On to the good stuff....

The event opens with Shane McMahon whining that the Nitro Girls get all the time
	to dance last Smileycade, so this time he was going to unveil his RAW girls.
	As they enter, they look familiar, they are all the Nitro Girls, only with one 
	difference, they are all in the, you guessed it, the RAW.  Butt Naked, and 
	surprisingly they get a huge pop. (I wonder why.) Eric Bischoff can be seen 
	running through the crowd looking for new Nitro Girls.
The Announcing crew comes out.  Tonight's announcing crew will be JR Ross, Larry Zybisco,
	Mike Tenay, and Tony Schiavone.  Schiavone is booed  as soon as he
	takes his seat at the announcing table.  To give the people what they want, Gillberg comes
	to remove Tony.  Schiavone takes care of Gillberg without breaking a sweat.  The 
	demolition of Gillberg made the Blue Meanie very angry.  He runs at
	Tony then does a belly flop on him killing the announcer! YES!  Larry Zybisco starts hering
	those voices again, and runs through the crowd looking for someone chanting his name.
	Mike Tenay has a nervous breakdown now that Schiavone is not announcing and runs off
	screaming the names of Mexican Luchadores.  So Jim Ross starts the show.
Without Schiavone that means there aren't going to be a million Smileycade III previews. YES!
	Oh yeah, buy a Smiley T-Shirt.
Ernest Miller vs. Val Venis
	Ernest comes doing his normal shit, and says "Somebody Call My Mama."  The music comes
	on and says "Hellllo Ladies!"  and out comes Val Venis escorted by Miller's Mama.  Venis runs 
	into the ring where he is promptly dismantled by the Cat.  The Cat goes over to yell at his mama
	for coming with Venis.   During this time Venis regains consienceness and grabs a chair. When 
	he tries to hit the Cat, mama Miller kicks him in the nut sack.  She picks up a mike and starts
	yelling "I Am The Four Time Women's Karate Champion."  "Somebody Dig Up My Mama. "  Mother
	and Son leave the ring gleaming.  The next day, Val Venis gets a sex change operation.
Eric Bischoff's new Nitro girls come out to dance, it is a bunch of 80 year old women, that dance 
	to really old music.  HHH and DX come out and convince all the Nitro Girls to flash the camera.
	As with everybody else, they do it, show how saggy you do get after 80 years.
Giant vs. Kevin Nash
	I know it's been done, but now that Giant is WWF, I feel this match is necessary.  The
	match will determine who the true Corporate Giant is.  The match goes as any other Nash/
	Giant match, they pretend they both know how to fight.  Just as Nash is ready to Powerbomb
	Wight, The Giant Gonzalez comes out and cleans house.  Making him the new "corporate
The Oddities vs. The Reformed Dungeon of Doom
	The Oddities come out, but are one man short, Golga is nowhere to be found.  The music 
	changes, and you hear that ever so famous laugh, and out comes the Mouth of The South 
	Jimmy Hart, who is killed by a planted sniper (WWF and WCW pplant signs in the crowd, 
	I plant snipers).  After Hart's carcass is dragged off the set, the Dungeon of Doom come out.
	Led by Kevin Armstrong, Meng, Barbian, Hugh Morrus, and the Shark(John Tenta/Golga)
	they run to the ring and beat on the Oddities.  After the Oddities are destroyed, Kevin shows
	the Shark something.  Kevin's brother Dave is on the stage, and staps a knife in to CARTMAN.
	Tenta snaps and rips off the heads of all the men in the ring. then runs to try to save his
	little friend Eric. He leaves the arena crying, with Cartman in a casket. Buy a Smiley T-shirt.
The Women of WWF vs. The Women of WCW
	Shortest match of the night.  Debra, Jackie, Luna, Chyna, Terri, and Sable are all in the ring
	for the WWF.  WCW's music then starts, and their women come out, theres Elizabeth, and 
	ummmmm, no one else(I know about Macho's new woman, but the finish wouldn't work with her)
 	Elizabeth enters the ring, and immediately removes her dress.  All the women of the WWF, 
	fall face first as they see what they will look like in 20 years.  Flabby and Saggy.  Winner Miss

DX (With  Scott Hall See Smileycade 1) vs. Hogan, Pump, Buff, and Horace
	I wonder who the punching bags of this one.???   Let see, maybe Horace and the Road Dogg
	battle for 10 minutes.  Then Road Dog finally Tags into XPAC, who does the Bronco Buster
	then tags to Mr. Ass.  Ass does his little in ring schtick, and bodyslams Horace.  He then tags in
	HHH, who Pedigrees Horace.  Winner: DX.  Hogan immediately kicks Horace out for 
	disrespecting Uncle Hollywood.  Pump is still a freak, Buff is still the Stuff, Hogan is still a goof, 
	and buy a Smiley T-Shirt.
Austin vs. Goldberg
	Austin wanted a little respect after getting his ass beat down at last Smileycade.  Austin kicks
	Goldbeg, and then tries to put on the Stone Cold Stunner, Goldberg avoids it, and throws Austin 
	across the ring.  When Austin gets up, he spears him.  Jackhammer, pin, Goldberg wins.  Once
Gillberg vs. Jericho's Little Goldberg
	I don't know how ot even do this match.  Use your imagination.  But the winner was Gillberg.
	Duane is overjoyed as he ends his losing streak, and has finally found a gimmick.  Gillberg then
	immediately gos on to challenge Ralphus to a match at Smileycade III.

Jericho vs. The Rock
	One of the most anticipated mathces of the evening.  The fight never develops as the two just
	pass the mic back and forth between each other.  Just as they are about to hook it up, 
	McMahon appears, contract in hand, and tells Jericho his jobbing days are over.  Jericho
	then runs and hugs McMahon in tears.  Ralphus looks puzzled, but knows he has to get ready
	for his big match against Gillberg, so he steals some ho-hos from some kid in the audience.
	The next day. Jericho is put in the Oddities.  Thank you hyperpimp.

Hollywood Hogan vs. Saddam Hussien
	As Hollywood's first act as President of the United States, he has vowed to kill Saddam once
	and for all.  Saddam comes out to the ring carrying a vial that he says is filled with Anthrax.
	Hogan steps back.  As Saddam tries to jump over the top rope and falls, breaking the vial
	on the ground.  Hogan does a test and finds that it was not Antrax, but plain water.  He then
	proceeds to shove a patriot missle up Saddams ass, and launches him into orbit.  Ladies and 
	Gentlemen your president of the United States , Terry Hollywood Hulk Hogan.
	Buy a Smiley T-Shirt.

Norman Smiley vs. Bob Spark Plug Holly For the Jobber Championship belt
	Gee, I wonder who will win.  Smiley with the mezmerizing tit jiggle and then the Norman
	Conquest.  He gets the win in less than 2 minutes. Everybody in the audience does the 
	Smiley Bounce as Norm leaves with his ho's and his Jobber Championship belt.
30 Man Jobber Rumble
	This match will determine who fights Norm for the championship belt at Smileycade III.
	The final 5 contestants are in no paticular order, The Genius Lanny Poffo, Lex Luger 
	(he is always at the end of one of these things), Barry Horowitz, Barry Darsow, and 
	Kamala.  Luger and Kamala are quickly disposed of by Horowitz.  Poffo tosses
	Darsow over the rope without any problem.  As Lanny is about to throw Barry Horowitz
	over the top rope, the buzzer goes off, and Randy (Poffo) Savage comes out, he
	immediately throws a frisbee to Lanny, and then runs at him.  His momentum 
	throws both Lanny and himself over the rope.  Winner: Barry Horowitz.  Gillberg 
	challenges the decision and agrees to also fight Horowitz at Smileycade III, the winner 
	will face Norm for the championship belt.  Did I forget to mention, BUY A SMILEY T-SHIRT